Our Team

With more than 90 employees in Düsseldorf and Berlin, we work towards ensuring Schwitzke clients are successful. A team comprising 13 nationalities from the most different backgrounds who complement, enrich and inspire each other. We believe in flat hierarchies and providing the opportunity for each individual to enhance their own skills set and to continually develop themselves as a person. The result? Motivated team players who drive projects towards their goals and who stay on the ball even when things get a bit rough on the playing field.

The professions in our team – for example, project managers, site supervisors, architects, commercial clerks, engineers and carpenters – are just as diverse as the goals of our team are clear: understanding the client, strengthening their brand and contributing to their success.

Karl-Heinz Schwoll
Managing Director Schwitzke Project
Wolfgang Sigg
Managing Director Schwitzke Project
Klaus Klabunde
Director Schwitzke Project
Lars Jüntgen
Director Schwitzke Project
Sandra Pollmer
Director Schwitzke Project Berlin
Sebastian Anders
Director Schwitzke Project
Rüdiger Mötje
Director Schwitzke Project
Daniel Eiser
Head of Procurement