Out of one make three

Successful with clear brand profiles.

For our client Douglas, we developed a strategic marketing concept and defined three heterogeneous target groups: Luxury, Middle of the Market and Trend. With this in mind, we developed three different store concepts that addressed individual target groups, each with its own design language.

 Douglas Düsseldorf, Luxury:  
In the luxury format, personal attention and the staging of the brands and their products are of primary importance. There is plenty of space, generous service and advice.

Douglas Hamburg, Middle of the Market:
The focus is on the aspect of assistance: several service areas offering everything from make-up to hair styling bring the brand close to the down-to-earth target group. Advice, recommendations, entertainment and dialogue are at the center of attention.

Douglas Kassel, Trend:
Here it is all about young and trendy customers, oriented towards the fashion world. The central aspects are exchange, trying out and testing and the idea of community. The store is designed as a stage.

Size: 300 sqm 1,200 sqm
Opening: 2011/2012
Design: Schwitzke & Partner
Graphics: Schwitzke Graphics