Nowadays, if you want to reach out to consumers, you must know more than ever what makes them tick, what motivates them, what they need. After all, if we are honest: have we not all bought everything we need, are we not all long since completely inundated with products? The answer is a big, fat yes. Pure consuming is a thing of the past. Customers now want freedom, information, to have a say and to participate. And, more particularly, they want experiences and truly unforgettable moments. Retailers must show their customers that they have a clearly defined approach, demonstrate their mindset to them, bring the brand to life. And they must convey this consistently and harmoniously.

From the product selection and the service portfolio right through to the atmosphere in-store. They must create stores which bring the brand’s world of experience to the fore and which establish a dialogue between the brand and the customer. Be it a football fan shop, a luxury flagship store or a revitalised shopping centre. Our job in the process? To turn stores into one of the customers’ favourite places – a place which makes the full power of the brand visible, tangible, discernible. And which turns customers into real fans.