FOR DNA Lifestyle

A new brand is born!

Creating a new lifestyle brand for millennials in the Middle East. For a young, progressive and technology savvy target group with local roots but a global outlook. Our client was the company arco, one of the largest importers and distributers of lifestyle and electronics goods in the Arab region.

For the launch of their retail business, Schwitzke ID developed the brand DNA, which will offer the best in the areas of multimedia, electronics, accessories, music, books and lifestyle products. Standing for ‘digital n analogue’, DNA conveys the technology focus of the range, as well as the real experience and emotions that the brand and its products will create for customers.

The technical aspect is balanced by a human perspective.

The combination of digital and emotional encompasses the visual language: a strong cyan blue is the main color for the brand, giving a cool feel to brand communications and highlight areas in the store. Schwitzke created a flipdot typographic style to give a digital look to the price information. The basic visual language uses portraits of modern and diverse people from different nations and cultures, of different ages and gender. Combined with overlaid ASCI codes they are used as oversized wall graphics in the store to illustrate the different categories in the range and to present the brand DNA as innovative, open and democratic.