TRADE FAIR BRANDING for Euroshop 2017


Highlighting the customer

The Cologne lighting manufacturer oktalite commissioned Schwitzke to design the stand for their appearance at the Euroshop 2017 trade fair. Schwitzke ID was responsible for the complete graphic concept and for developing the mottos for the stand.  The objective was to extend oktalite’s key brand motto of ‘human centric lighting’ to the trade fair stand. With the overall motto ‘be our highlight’, oktalite aims to make their customers the highlight and stand out from its competitors. The variable slogan ‘Highlight your...’ uses the

keywords style, taste and vision to indicate the different areas of the stand: fashion, food and technology. The graphics for the trade fair stand provide a calming element between the variety and materials and structures and encompasses the various themes as a visual style.  Photographs as the main graphic element present the respective areas from the outside.  Nude toned areas use natural components to enhance the lighting technology.
By the way, Schwitzke & Partner designed the trade fair stand.