From Retail Details and Stories

To make the whole thing convincing, you have to get the small details right. We’ve been putting our heart and soul into creating retail designs for 25 years, so we’re an expert in details. This was demonstrated by the brochure produced to celebrate Schwitzke Group’s anniversary, which illustrates our philosophy and project highlights under the title ‘retail is detail’. Attention to detail is exemplified by the publication’s use of black and copper: from the embossing on the black linen binding, to the endpaper, the text color, to the bookmarks, the individual highlights are in copper and give a

warm contrast to the matt black and white of the agency presentation. The heart of the brochure – our project highlights over the last two years – is presented in color on glossy paper and with copper page numbers. Whole page photos and handwritten quotes from founders Karl and Klaus Schwitzke give the publication a personal touch and show that the owners still take a hands-on approach. The ‘black album’ will be followed by the white brochure ‘Retail Stories’ when focuses on the services of the group.

See the brochure's prize "Econ Award"