Just over half of the major digital players now operate conventional retail stores alongside their online mainstays. And with increasing success! Proof that customers continue to enjoy physical experiences and that the power of analogue is as strong as ever. It is not for nothing that our sense of touch is our primary and most reliable sense.
However, at the same time, many retailers complain about declining sales in stores and empty pedestrian zones. But what has actually happened to the long-established stores which means that the new digital companies are seemingly doing things better – or at least differently? One. Many companies have long since neglected their customers and knowledge about them; they have preferred to rely on their renowned name or their good location. But those times are long gone. Brands must return to the consumers, place them at the heart of everything. Be exactly where they are and offer exactly what they want. Two. The majority of conventional retail stores and their products are clearly comparable, interchangeable, with no value added. For too long now, retailers have not invested in concepts and experiences or asked themselves what the customer actually expects from the store. And three.

Numerous concepts, be it for individual shops or entire dead malls, are now past it; they are way behind the times and clearly outdated. Instead of moving with the times and investing in the future, they simply do as they always have done and stay on the beaten track – out of fear for change. These kinds of situations are the perfect breeding ground for flexible, customer-oriented and unique concepts. They do not wallow in the self-pity evidenced by many of the conventional retail stores; instead, they translate their potential into new and exciting stores. They provide the customer with real experiences, an unmistakable atmosphere and services which are fully oriented to their needs. What better reason could there be to return to retail stores? It is a fact: the future holds many exciting formats for those willing to make changes, and we absolutely live for developing these with our customers and realising their full potential.