Turning StoryTelling into StoreTelling.

and brands into strong characters.

If you want to be remembered over the long term, the best way to achieve this is by telling a story. In our stories, the brand is the protagonist, strong images are the words and all contact points and everything that supports the brand message serve as the stage and the characters. We want to bring brands to life with our stories. Ensuring that customers can experience them with all of their senses. And even beyond the point of sale. A good story needs a soul and must be developed holistically. It must be relevant and narrated consistently in all dimensions. Guaranteeing that it achieves a high recognition value, that it awakens curiosity – and that it is retold. A good brand story in spatial environments also requires an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere and a mix of information, stimuli and staging.

All the measures and promotional elements are also incorporated in the storytelling, making a key contribution to the ‘narration’ – from the graphics, through the materiality and the visual merchandising, to the interactive displays. The store becomes a real stage! Only then can brands achieve a harmonious overall picture and an individual brand statement from which customers feel, smell, see, hear and maybe even taste exactly what they are promised.