Embodying uniqueness, keeping promises.

remaining relevant.

The foundation for economic success remains the same – and even more so than ever: strong brands. Nowadays, retailers must be more active in attracting new customers, impressing them with their services, explaining themselves and their brand clearly as well as its uniqueness and added value. Only those who have a clear understanding of their own mindset and values are able to convey this credibly.

That is exactly how we see our task when it comes to redeveloping and repositioning brands. We start by analysing the target group, the market and the competition. We seek to engage in an intensive exchange of ideas with the decision-makers and to get to grips with the market, the consumer and the product range to define what the company stands for and what makes it unique. Here, we act as a kind of ‘sparring partner’ on an equal footing: we listen, dig deeper, ask questions and devise a vision together with the client.

We then develop all the elements that are required to bring the uniqueness and the service commitment of the brand to the fore: from the logo and the tagline, through the visual imagery, to the presentation of the brand and its values on the website and social media channels, on packaging and in the store.

Basically, anywhere people and brand come into contact. In addition to our expertise in aesthetics and design, we also support our clients with our business know-how. We develop product range concepts, digital and omnichannel strategies, define service offers and even organise events. Whatever the client wants. We believe that strategic brand consultancy is about thinking holistically, developing realisable strategies as a unified whole. Bringing together everything that belongs together. Guaranteeing a consistent brand experience, recognisability and relevance.