Hugendubel‘s World of Books

Within the budget and on schedule

Declining sales in the bookselling trade and a general change in shopping behavior with an increasing tendency to buy online - these were the starting signals for Hugendubel’s new market positioning. We have supervised the bookstore chain’s brand development since 2010; since then, we have implemented the store concept, which was created by our sister company Schwitzke & Partner, in numerous cities. For the store in Potsdam, we implemented extensive works within the budget and on schedule:

- Dismantling works
- Structural works
- Façade works
- Ceiling, floors, walls
- Complete interior construction and fit-out works
- Electricity and HVAC works
- Fire-protection measures
- Coordination of all specialized planners

Location: Potsdam
Opening: November 2010
Size 1,400 sqm
Realisation: Schwitzke Project
Design: Schwitzke & Partner
Store Branding: Schwitzke Graphics