Sports and Emotion

Restructuring with care

After a construction time of six months, Germany’s first football store was realized at Marienplatz in the center of Munich: Münzinger Fans United, a temple of emotion and passion for football fans. On three sales floors, professionals as well as fans can find everything a soccer enthusiast’s heart desires. The historical building structure of “Altes Rathaus” (Old City Hall), a landmarked heritage building, required a careful approach during the entire construction process: groyned vaults in the cellar, crumbling old walls, missing fire protection, structural and constructional additions, the repositioning of the stairway and a construction made of concrete and black steel resembling a stadium….the completed refurbishment and shopfitting now provide a highly emotional ambiance for the store.

Location: Munich
Opening: June 2012
Size: 650 sqm
Realization: Schwitzke Project