Opening numerous branches in a short period of time is always a huge organisational challenge. Planning and budget security are even more important than in other areas – especially when it comes to international retail projects. The focus here is increasingly placed on the diversity of realisations in the respective market. After all, each country has its own stipulations, its local peculiarities, its own individual rules. A “copy and paste” mentality and pure multiplication would be completely inappropriate here; expertise and flexibility, on the other hand, are absolutely indispensable. Such projects require individuality rather than quantity for an end result in line with the overall brand. Schwitzke Project has plenty of realisation and brand expertise.

We have already planned and realised dozens of rollouts and thus know exactly how to combine quantity and diversity, quality and punctuality. Our first stance here is initially a very critical one. We assess established solutions in the light of our own experiences and question things to allow us to make them even better. A successful rollout always includes efficient value engineering. We want to optimise processes, to simplify procedures, to improve technology. And we are only satisfied when this produces positive results in practice – rather than just behind the scenes.