Karl-Heinz Schwoll

»We meet our clients exactly where they are. And then we take them safely to their goals. Absolutely nothing is left to chance.«

CV: Born in 1960, following a hands-on carpentry apprenticeship Karl-Heinz Schwoll studied interior design at the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf. After finishing his studies, he worked in various positions abroad. First, Karl-Heinz Schwoll specialised in retail design and developed concepts for the retail trade. In 1994, he became a department head at Schwitzke & Partner and implented store concepts for the fashion, lifestyle, financial and tourism sectors. In 2006, he took over the management of Schwitzke Project GmbH along with Wolfgang Sigg. Through the successful takeover of turn-key projects in the consumer electronics, office and gastronomy sectors as well as center or building revitalization they both developed the company into an internationally active general contractor in recent years. Karl-Heinz Schwoll lives with his wife and his two kids in Düsseldorf.