Lars Jüntgen

CV: Born in Verden, a town in Lower Saxony, in 1974, Lars Jüntgen set off on his professional journey at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster where he completed his degree in civil engineering. His subsequent career led him to structural engineering. After several years of working in roles relating to site supervision, project management and project calculation, the civil engineering graduate joined the Schwitzke Project team in Düsseldorf in 2010. He started out as a project manager, but has been managing his own department since mid-2016, implementing projects for clients mainly from the fashion & shoes and food & beverages sectors as well as office sectors. As head of department, he is responsible for the entire process right up to turnkey shopfitting and is active in projects all over Europe. When taking a well-earned break from his work, he enjoys travelling across the globe – to Asia or South and Central America. Lars Jüntgen lives with his family in Düsseldorf.