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Douglas opens its first store for high-quality beauty care products

On Wednesday our client Douglas opened its first location of the newly developed retail format Douglas Pro in Hamburg-Eppendorf. On about 100m2 the store provides high-quality beauty care products from selected premium brands, medical cosmetic lines and food supplements as well as professional treatments. For the pilote store, the Düsseldorf-based Schwitzke Group created an elegant store design with a touch of luxury and a clear character.

The new concept Douglas Pro is part of the company's new brand strategy and is supposed to strengthen the positioning as a beauty brand in the premium segment. High-quality skin care products combined with sconsultation and treatments in exclusive locations that enable a break from daily life. The format targets urban and luxury oriented women with a modern understanding of beauty. As one of the first, the store in Hamburg-Eppendorf picks up the company's rebranding and reflects the new premium approach as well as the expertise of Douglas by the design of Schwitzke & Partner.

The interior space has a clear design with a focus on high-quality assortment, professional consultation and personal encounters. The cash desk is presented as a reception counter that greets visitors with a warm welcome. A central highlight of the store is the inviting Beauty Table where customers can test products and get to know more about the assortment. Adjacent treatment rooms provide the space for facials or little cosmetic applications. The Instore Communication Concept designed by Schwitzke Graphics also focuses the exclusive assortment of the Douglas Pro store.
Put-up hinges and brand plates pick up the store design and highlight individual products and brands.

Picture Source: Alexander Gnädinger