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New favorite place for bikers: Schwitzke develops store concept for POLO Motorrad

Just in time for the start of this year's bike season, POLO Motorrad – one of Germany's leading retailer of motorcycle clothing and supplies – launched it’s new store concept. At the end of March, three pilot branches opened in Essen, Mannheim and Wiesbaden with around 400 to 700 square meters sales area each. For this purpose, the Schwitzke Group developed an emotional retail concept with the character of a venue and took over the turn-key reconstruction of the three branches.

In the pilot stores, the multi-channel retailer POLO takes the next step towards a holistic brand experience. Therefore, one of the basic requirements regarding the concept was to transfer the newly revised brand identity into the store area and space. POLO should become recognizable as a strong brand and a personal advisor with a high amount of professional expertise and a close relationship to the visitor.

The concept is based on two core elements from the bike scene: connecting experiences within the community as well as common venues. Within the pilot stores, these thoughts are picked up and interpreted spatially. The POLO stores should become a favorite place for like-minded peopled, where they can exchange and share their mutual passion. With this in mind, a key element is the new Fan Area developed by Schwitzke & Partner. Here, the bikers can come together during their visit, exchange with the POLO advisors or take part in events all around the brand and the motorcycle lifestyle. In order to optimize the customer guidance as well as the product presentation of clothing, accessories and supplies, the architects restructured both the assortment and sales area. The result are five departments – Touring, Racing, Technik, Ladies and Lifestyle –, which address the wide-ranging customer base of POLO individually. The pilot stores' floor plans are inspired by a racetrack that lead to the individual divisions.

For an intuitive orientation in the room, the designers from Schwitzke Graphics created an individual signet for each segment in the style of a club emblem as well as emotional wall graphics. Characteristic brand elements like the POLO Curb serve as the defining shape for wall brackets and are used as red patterns at the checkout, fan area or facade.

Alongside the expansion of the three stores, our General Contractor Schwitzke Project also took over the planning and manufacturing of all furnishings in order to implement the distinctive personalities of each division as clearly as possible.