Gourmet Brand with Personality: Gepp’s Repositions Itself as the Sauce Maker

With the new direction, Schwitzke is highlighting the brand’s naturalness and craftsmanship, translating new core values into a visual identity as well as high-quality store design.

If sauces are the cherries on top of a dish, what does that make the sauce makers? This question guided the Schwitzke Group in coming up with a comprehensive rebranding concept for the gourmet brand Gepp’s: from strategic branding to visual identity and store design. Since the end of June, the company has been rolling out its new strategy and has already opened three roughly 60 square meter center stores with their new design in Hannover, Saarbrü cken and Frankfurt.

With this repositioning, Gepp’s is taking the next step in honing their brand. The aim? To make the gourmet aspect clear for everyone to see! The fresh, carefully selected ingredients in Gepp’s sauces and the founders’ honest and down-to-earth characters formed the basis of the designers’ new design principles of clarity, naturalness and personality. Translated into a visual language, this especially means reducing things down to a minimum: the circular logo has now been reduced to the brand name without any further decorative elements. The color palette concentrates on a few muted tones such as sage green, black and white with highlight colors inspired by nature that are used over large areas for a calming effect.

Brand Positioning, CI & Store Branding:
Schwitzke ID

Schwitzke & Partner

„For Gepp’s as a brand, the challenge was using their core values to come up with a unique personality to take them to the next level.“

– Markus Schwitzke

Building on this design identity, the architects at Schwitzke & Partner developed a store design that focuses the space around the product experience and the brand. Instead of fragmented information and lots of offer space, the store now offers the customer a recognizable structure. Clear paths and a focused product set-up provide orientation and a good overview of the range. Sage green walls, cleverly used oak and accents in copper and black radiate naturalness and expertise. As the new core products, the sauces form the heart of the store, and are prominently presented in the middle of the room, framed by optical parentheses in wood. As a nod to the sauciers’ kitchen, a modern interpretation of a kitchen counter becomes a tasting table where visitors can try and experience the flavors of all sauces.

Gepp‘s Center-Store in Frankfurt

Gepp‘s Center-Store in Frankfurt

Gepp‘s Center-Store in Frankfurt

Gepp‘s Center-Store in Frankfurt

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