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Restaurant Concept meets Design Thinking

For the Polish gastronomy brand ISTO, Schwitzke Gorski developed an innovative design concept. In the middle of downtown Katowice the restaurant provides a versatile combination of traditional and modern cuisine with regional and global highlights for any occasion.

During the concept’s development phase, Schwitzke Gorski followed the Design Thinking Method: In several workshops, the designers as well as the client intensively analyzed the environment of ISTO, the immediate neighborhood and the requirements of residents and visitors. As the fundamental theme, the team developed the picture of a city with its very own rhythm as well as the urban life with its dynamic atmosphere.

As the graphical allegory for the restaurant concept serves a city map that represents human encounters with its net of streets and cross roads. The scenery where urban life takes place. Based on this approach, Schwitzke Gorski created the characteristic logo for ISTO. The interior design embraces the divers and lively city of Katowice by the means of contrasting materials: grey velvet covers meet industrial brass elements, bright yellow walls are in contrast to the black steel shelves.

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