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Keynote speech at KATAG Manager Conference 2018

Away from “Who is the biggest, greatest, fullest?“ towards “Who is the most popular?“: The questions stationary retailers have to ask themselves to be relevant in the future, are examined by our managing director Markus Schwitzke at the KATAG Manager Conference on 7 June 2018 in Bielefeld. Matching the conference’s overall topic “Departure for new worlds”, the talk exhibits possible ways with which brands can develop from alleged top dog to a place of senses.

Thereby, the focus is on unique stores with experience and feel-good factor. According to Markus Schwitzke, in the future it will be about creating favorite places that certain something: Where do I feel welcomed? Where can I expect good service and authentic experiences? Which store will I go to again? Desired are emotional places that put the customer into the center of attention. Places you want to spend your leisure time in, because they are inspiring and delighting.