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Revitalized Shopping Center ‘Marstall’ Opens in Ludwigsburg

Repositioning Strategy + Revitalization: After a complete refurbishment based on a new concept, the shopping center ‘Marstall’ reopened its doors in Ludwigsburg’s city center. Marstall Center, with a total floor space of just under 26,000 square meters, houses around 70 shops. The new concept and interior design are supposed to breathe new life into the somewhat dated building complex and to attract new customers. The Hamburg-based company ECE acts as project developer as well as center operator. Schwitzke & Partner was commissioned to create a new design concept; Schwitzke Graphics developed very early the center’s new brand story.

During the elaboration of a comprehensive new design language - from the logo, consistent motifs and storytelling all the way to interior design - the analysis of Ludwigsburg’s historic city center was the first focus point. A baroque palace, second in size only to Versailles, is located just a few minutes from the shopping center; in the past, the surrounding area contained a multitude of horse markets and stables. This became the basis for the new design concept, which differentiates Marstall from other shopping venues in the region and lends the center its very own, individual character.


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