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Markus Schwitzke Explains Storytelling

What to do, when critical consumers encounter interchangeable products? In times of excess supply, neither claims nor pure facts are sufficient in brand communication. Markus Schwitzke, managing partner of Schwitzke Graphics, gives answers and provides exclusive and thought-provoking new impulses on the topic of storytelling:

- Lecture at the store-design congress “LÄDEN 2015” on 10th November 2015 at Hilton Hotel in Cologne:“The Art of Storytelling”
Who am I? What’s the brand? Why should brands tell stories? What’s the recipe for a convincing story? What does it look like when it’s well done? And this is how we tell stories… What about the future of stores?
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- Workshop at Peter Behrens School of Arts / Design Department, 1st December 2015: 
“Storytelling & Branding at the Point of Sale”