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Uniqlo opens its 7th store in France

Schwitzke once more plans and builds for Japanese fashion chain: Uniqlo, a fashion company belonging to the Japanese Fast Retailing Group, will open its seventh store in France on Friday, 3rd October 2014. The fashion chain’s newest store is located in the shopping center ‘Belle Epine’ in Thiais, a suburb of Paris, and has a sales space of around 800 square meters. After the European flagship store in Berlin and the concept store in Paris’s fashion district Le Marais, Schwitzke continues to support the client’s further expansion with a center store.
The design in this roll-out store is comparatively plain and restrained. Lots of white surfaces, combined with furniture made of oak wood, mirror-clad columns and a “cleaned-up” sales space, create the trademark Uniqlo look. The store offers fashion for men, women and children