Schwitzke & Partner

Virgin Megastore opens its new Flagship at Dubai Mall

For our client Virgin Megastore we created a new design concept for their latest flagship store, which opened this weekend at Dubai Mall. With over 2,400 square meters it was created to be the new lifestyle and IT destination for the region offering the latest range of music, multimedia gadgets and games as well as books and toys.

The newly designed shopfront now covers a length of almost 100 meters framed by red infinity portals with a futuristic look & feel, which were derived from the former iconic equalizer design. One of the main tasks regarding design and customer journey was to give the customer both an intuitive orientation as well as inspiration. Therefore, we created inviting category zones each with an individual character.

The experience zone in the entrance area displays the latest must-have products as well as seasonal exhibits welcoming the customers into the unique experiential retail world. Electronics and multimedia are displayed in the prime location near to the main entrance. The environment is clear yet inviting, kept rather sleek in white, concrete and light wood in order to accommodate the multiple variety of brands and products offered within. The lifestyle sector in the rear part of the store has its own entrance, presenting a more colorful and experiential setting to attract the customers outside and inside. The divisions highlighted here are Outdoor, Books, House, Stationary and Fashion, each of these with unique fixtures to create an inspiring universe, the perfect go-to location for gifting ideas.

As added-value services are the USP of the brand, the heart of the store is the so called RedBox for ticketing, customization, support, repair, wrapping, etc. to create a real retail experience. The traditional Virgin Red dominates the central convenient location, easily recognizable and accessible from all over the store. The customer journey along the deep store is supported by the randomly arranged red strips in the ceiling in order to add drama and dynamism.