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Real emotions arise from sensual experiences and intensive interchange between individuals. This requires places where people can take their time and immerse themself in another world. Special light, authentic materials, green plants and art are the ingredients for a successful staging. It creates the necessary security to feel comfortable and to engage with
its counterpart. This special environment is the basis for new favorite places where you can comfortably eat and enjoy.

“Complex and dense stagings create places of encounters.”

ISTO restaurant

Gastronomy meets design thinking

Schwitzke Gorski developed a new design concept for the Polish gastronomy brand ISTO. Right in the center of Katowice, the restaurant offers a versatile combination of traditional and modern cuisine with regional and global accents for every occasion.

When developing the concept, Schwitzke Gorski followed the “design thinking” method: In several workshops, the designers worked intensively with the customer on the ISTO environment, the immediate neighborhood and the needs of the residents and visitors for the location. The city with its rhythm as well as urban life and its dynamic atmosphere emerged as the basic guiding principle for the concept.

The graphic symbol for the restaurant concept is a city map, which symbolizes human meeting places with its network of streets and intersections. It also symbolizes the backdrop in which urban life takes place. Based on this conceptual approach, Schwitzke Gorski developed the characteristic ISTO logo. The interior design takes up the diversity of lively Katowice with contrasting materials: Gray velvet covers meet industrial brass elements, and bright yellow walls contrast with the black steel shelves.

ISTO restaurant, Katowice
110 square meters

Corporate design & architecture: Schwitzke Gorski

ISTO restaurant, Katowice

ISTO restaurant, Katowice