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The redevelopment or revitalization of shopping centers is still based on the idea that a need has to be met or that something is missing. Today, in times of online shopping, this no longer applies. The goal instead has to be to create attractive urban locations that offer quality of residence and identification in a cultural and local context. To do this, buildings have to be loaded with meaning and provide space for social interaction. In addition to consumption and entertainment, this also includes cultural, social and educational offerings. This is how centrality in the best sense and memorable places can be created.

Building development must serve the needs of people.

Mall of Switzerland

Real Swissness

The largest shopping and leisure destination in Central Switzerland opened with the Mall of Switzerland, combining shopping, leisure, living and work. Schwitzke developed the brand personality as well as the interior design & retail concept for the new favorite location in Ebikon.

Based on the diversity of Switzerland with its abundance of cultures, languages and traditions, the guiding principles are multifacetedness and Swissness. The iconic logo is based on the Swiss cross, elements from canton coat of arms became wall graphics, while local materials such as oak, terrazzo or quartz show the love of home. This created a place with a unique personality.

The “Jumping Facades” are unique in Switzerland: They are projected and recessed façades that lift the boundary between the mall and store and give the impression of a city center. The mall was accompanied by a showroom and extensive marketing tools such as marketing brochures, a website and an emotive image film.

Mall of Switzerland, Ebikon / CH
65,000 square meters

Interior design, retail concept, tenant coordination
Schwitzke & Partner

Brand story, mall branding
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Mall of Switzerland, Ebikon / CH

Mall of Switzerland, Ebikon / CH

Mall of Switzerland, Ebikon / CH

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