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Brands give orientation and create the foundation for identification. Therefore, it is necessary to convey their values by the means of clear comprehensible messages and strong pictures. Exciting stories and deep experiences establish a consistent relation with the customer. They have to be unique, suprising and inspiring at the same time. Due to the digitalization of the sales processes, the product presentation becomes secundary. The store will be the space where the brand turns into an emotional and perceptible brand. For that space, individuality and authenticity will become the most important quality characteristics.

Due to changed consumer behaviour, the store must become the place for encounters, service and experience.

Tommy Hilfiger

Conquered Europe together

The Schwitzke Group has enjoyed a longstanding and close partnership with the American fashion company, which began when the brand entered the European market in 2002. Tommy Hilfiger commissioned Schwitzke & Partner with the design of the first European store that opened in Düsseldorf. Two years later, Schwitzke Project built the brand’s first turnkey store in Berlin. This was followed by a success story that continues to this day, from the redesign and conversion of numerous other stores to showrooms and regular work at the German headquarters in Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen.

Most recently, the collaboration on the Tommy Hilfiger flagship store on London’s Regent Street was particularly exciting. Schwitzke designed, planned and realized a shop that focuses on the digitization and realignment of the brand.

The brand’s world is shown on two floors in the typically classically cool American look. The newly interpreted design language creates a noble, nautically inspired atmosphere with diverse details: Herringbone parquet, middle room furniture in a form and material language based on a yacht, surfaces with the initials “TH”. Digital elements are placed throughout the store that complete the omnichannel strategy – visitors can display a T-shirt in the correct color and size on the shelf at the push of a button or view the entire collection. The benefits to the customer are always in the foreground.

The People’s Place was created as an extension of the brand – a gastronomy concept that invites visitors linger and creates a holistic brand experience.

With a view to the retail and brand landscape, Tommy Hilfiger is a success story that we look forward to supporting in the future.

Tommy Hilfiger Flagship Store, London
1,000 square meters
2 floors

Schwitzke & Partner

Customer journey
Schwitzke ID

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Schwitzke Project

Tommy Hilfiger Flagship Store, London

Tommy Hilfiger Flagship Store, London

Tommy Hilfiger Flagship Store, London

Tommy Hilfiger Flagship Store, London