The new working world


Things are happening in the world of work: Digitization is accelerating our path toward a knowledge society and promoting a new boom in start-ups. The supposedly rigid boundaries between the world of work and leisure time are breaking down. And people’s demands regarding their working and living environments are also changing: Apartments and houses are opening up for more flexible uses of space. Offices are becoming more comfortable, with a wide variety of options for working and communication. This development is driven by new ways of working in agile teams with flat hierarchies. The change in society towards micro-families and single households with a high employment rate is leading people to look outside the home for food. These three parallel developments require planning residential spaces in a new way where a a variety of options merge in a dense space.

Life and work merge and rigid working hours dissolve.

Virgin Megastore & Mobile

Common success story for 20 years

With the new partnership between Virgin Megastore and Azadea in 2001, Schwitzke & Partner had the unique opportunity to completely rethink Virgin’s entire concept. At the time, the company had no future prospects as a pure retailer of sound media. So we expanded Virgin’s world with new topics relevant to the target group. This led to the creation of product clusters such as “Mobile,” “Gaming,” “Beauty,” “Fashion,” “Books” and “Home”. The first concept store opened in Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi in November 2014 and won the Commercial Interior Design Award in the retail category a year later. In 2018, we developed the latest generation of the design concept for the Virgin Megastore flagship in the Dubai Mall. On more than 2,400 square meters, the store offers products from the music, multimedia, gadgets and games as well as books and toys sectors, making it the region’s lifestyle and IT destination. In 2019, Schwitzke & Partner transferred the design concept to the headquarters of Virgin Megastore in Dubai, designing the new world of work in line with the motto “serious fun”.

After successful collaboration on the customer’s retail and office concepts, the Schwitzke & Partner team was challenged again – this time to design the new working world for Virgin Mobile. The approximately 1,200 square meter office is located in the avant-garde Dubai Design District. The creative lifestyle character of the brand is reflected in the various materials with a casual industrial look. The modern office concept is characterized by a lot of flexible work areas and different zones. Lounge furniture and micro meeting rooms, so-called pods, punctuate the area to support the employees’ workflow.

Virgin Megastore Flagship, Dubai Mall Dubai
2,400 square meters

Virgin Mobile Headquarters, D3 Dubai
1,200 square meters

Schwitzke & Partner Dubai

Virgin Megastore Headquarters

Virgin Mobile Headquarters

Virgin Megastore Flagship, Dubai Mall