Rüdiger Mötje

CV: Rüdiger Mötje, who was born in Ratingen in 1969, has already passed through various positions and companies in the Schwitzke universe. After several years as a freelancer, he joined the team at Schwitzke & Partner as a salaried architect for the time period from 2005 to 2007. After that, he moved to the Middle East to become Branch Manager at Schwitzke & Partner’s subsidiary in Dubai, and built up the business in the region together with Markus Schwitzke. Since 2009, Rüdiger Mötje has been a department head at Schwitzke Project, where he and his team manage and implement projects for mostly international clients. His great strength is his attention to detail without losing sight of the overall objective. Rüdiger Mötje lives in Düsseldorf with his family and finds relaxation in trips to the countryside.