Our motto: Designing a better now.

Founded in 2010 as a graphic design studio, Schwitzke ID is now a true design and brand agency, with a colorful team of designers from a wide range of disciplines as well as strategy and marketing experts. We are a lively mix of around 20 graphic artists and designers, illustrators and photographers, fashion designers and brand consultants. Everyone has their own character. All united by a passion for brands – with a clear vision of improvement that is lived and implemented in the team.

In keeping with our motto “All about the Brand,” we create strong brands with a clear identity that inspires people and creates the potential to become a favorite brand. Creativity, drafting and design make up the majority of our work. At the beginning, however, we carry out a substantive examination of the brand, its roots and its goals. We look at the people, their needs and the trends that concern them. In doing so, we combine strategic thinking with creativity and implementation expertise, bring identity and design together and create a space for brands.

Our motto is “All about the brand.”

Design strives to innovate. So do we.