Book Store of the Future


Hugendubel aims with its future concept to set new standards in book retail and to combine the book product with emotion and experience in the store. Therefore, Schwitzke developed a future-oriented store concept for the traditional book retailer, with emotional visual merchandising for the branch on Stachus.

The room shell appears reduced and monochrome, allowing the store to be reimagined time and again, like a blank canvas. All the furnishing are based on the simple principle of the square box, which can be put together and arranged flexibly. Instead of books arranged as usual by genre, visitors can expect five newly developed theme worlds over the store’s three floors.

The reserved interior is contrasted by the emotional visual merchandising concept developed by Schwitzke ID, which visually underscores the separate theme worlds with 14 pictorial scenes. Motifs such as ‘goosebumps’ ‘current events’ or ‘ways of life’ visually reflect the books’ contents and present them within thematic graphics, installations and filled acrylic or pallet boxes. For example, in ‘big emotions’ the visitor encounters romantic flower displays made from hundreds of individually made silk flowers that adorn the wall and ceiling. The individual scenes tell the stories of the books and transpose their emotions to the space. In this way we communicate the product range using a strong visual language with great long-distance impact, which speaks to the visitors emotionally, inspires and also orientates them.

The individual scenes tell the stories and emotions of the books.