Experience Hot Spot

Mall of Switzerland

In November 2017, the Mall of Switzerland opened as Switzerland’s new shopping and leisure hotspot. A multifunctional experience center and new popular focal point for the Luzern region. Schwitzke ID developed the entire brand concept for the shopping center, from the overarching design theme, to corporate design, an orientation system and strategic marketing tools.

Our starting point was the vitality and diversity of Switzerland, with its variety of cultures, languages and traditions and from this a unifying motif was developed for the shopping center: multifaceted and authentically Swiss. The design language brings this idea into a modern context, creating a place with its own personality.

The logo for the Mall of Switzerland was derived from the Swiss cross and condensed into a polygon pattern. The basic colors for the shopping center are the strong red of the Swiss flag and its gradients. The basic form of the graphic elements is the hexagon, inspired by the idea of the varied, changing and colorful kaleidoscope. Traditional elements based on the flags of all the regions appear as modern decorative features on the walls. Images of Swiss landscapes are used in collages on the wall.

Comprehensive marketing tools support communications for the Mall of Switzerland. Marketing brochures and design guidelines bring together all the important information and facts about the Mall of Switzerland for potential tenants, while the website and an emotionally charged image film generate more interest in the project.

Real Swissness