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sander Restaurant Frankfurt

In summer 2019, the first location for new food concept sander opened as part of the Foodtopia dining destination at Frankfurt shopping mall MyZeil. Together with the Sander Group, Schwitzke has developed a powerful brand family for the food & hospitality sector, developing the customer’s business toward the consumer market. As well as strategic positioning, Schwitzke came up with a full visual identity and an urban design for the 800 square meter restaurant. Schwitzke also took care of communication for the brand launch up to the opening.

Together, they came up with the motto “Democratic Food – simply good food for everyone”. With this in mind, the gastronomic concept comprises various culinary moments to offer each and every guest a special taste experience morning, noon and night: from a deli with take-out to a restaurant with an open industrial kitchen for lunch and dinner, as well as a café and bar. The focus is on modern interpretations of German classics that are prepared with products made in-house, sometimes right in front of patrons. In order to give the brand a visual identity, Schwitzke ID developed the key design themes of “industrial”, “forest & meadow” and “tradition & modernity”, and translated these into a contemporary, urban corporate design. The modular sander logo is based on the stained glass found in traditional German inns, and abstractly symbolizes the freshness and expertise of the concept. The graphic modules were developed by the designers based on an adaptable pattern that can be used on packaging for sander products or on walls in the kitchen. The color palette comprises natural, muted tones, from mint green to dark purple and anthracite, inspired by native meadows and landscapes, accented by bold tones such as orange, pink and sky blue. When applied to the menu, the visual language and therefore the sander brand become tangible for the customer in the truest sense. Tailored to the brand and target group, communication via the website, social media channels and the press increased awareness and popularity among potential guests in the months leading up to the opening.

The key design themes: Manufactory, Forest & Meadow and Tradition & Modernity